About Jen

Jen Widerstrom:

Television star and your daily get-fit motivator, Jen is an industry leader primarily known for her big hearted training on NBC's The Biggest Loser. As the Fitness Director of SHAPE Magazine and featured regular on Dr. Oz, LIVE with Kelly and Ryan and The Doctors; she also serves as member of the SHAPE Brain Trust, is the best selling author of Diet Right for Your Personality Type and thefounder of the WiderSTRONG training tribe and method. 

Jen Widerstrom


Your beliefs shift your biology. Period.

Therefore, whatever you’re processing upstairs as your loudest voice will be physically processed through your bones to your skin. Call it mental health or a pursuit of your “OM” state— In my experience I see it as a revolution.

One that you can win by simply sifting through your chaos so the disruptive aspects of your personal landscape will go wayside and what is truly important will remain. Your body and physical health will shift without question… however your thriving mental homeostasis will be the true prize.

Now, the silver lining within this transformation is that since we are often the source of our own spiral, we therefore become the one that can give the greatest solution. Yup, you heard me. YOU have the answer within you that can be revealed by the way you live and react to this playing field of life.

Ultimately, what you have been viewing as obstacles are actually opportunities to shift the daily tides in your favor.Why is this important? Well, because your habits will decide your future, and together I will help guide you in building ones that keep you loving and living as the most real, significant, you.

"Let's Find Your Place On The Earth."

- Jen -