If you’re reading this you already have taken the first (and most difficult) step of making an important life decision. So seriously, congratulations— you’re ahead of 90% of the humans on this planet. That said, you also are aware that you’ve got hard work ahead of you.


Many people struggle to achieve the results they want from their workouts, whether that is strength gains, hypertrophy, fat loss, or overall athleticism and health improvements.

Some people are simply bored of their routine, or their results have plateaued and it's time to switch things up! 

There are also those of you who are brand new to training, are intimidated, and just don't know where to start (been there, I get it!). 

If your goal is to move past any of the above, I introduce you to: TRANSFORM! 

 Jen Widerstrom

What IS The TRANSFORM Program?

The TRANSFORM Program is progressively built into two 8-week Phases;  two 4-week parts, or 'zones,' within each. This ensures stimuli is constantly changing, maximizing your body's ability to improve in all areas. 


Through a focus of physical literacy and body awareness, higher volume for better muscle recruitment, and an elevated heart rate throughout for passive but constant fat burn, you’ll never want to go back to basic training. 

 The underlying theme will be a major confidence boost in both the gym and in your skin! I don’t care what anyone says -- Life is a reps game and if you’re not taking reps (in the gym or in life!) it means you’ve stopped trying and therefore stopped living. 


YOU have the answer within you that can be revealed by the way you live and react to this playing field of life. Ultimately, what you have been viewing as obstacles are actually opportunities to shift the daily tides in your favor.

We all gotta start somewhere— so you’re better off startin’ with me! No matter your fitness status, this program equips you with step-by-step progressive programming to prove that you have had the power within you all along to improve you body, health, mind and LIFE… I’m just here to help you turn the key. 


Excited to do this with you!
xo, Jen