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When it comes to real change, you need real programming… There are no exceptions to this! And, if you’re reading this you already have taken the first (and most difficult) step of making an important life decision. So seriously, congratulations— you’re ahead of 90% of the humans on this planet. That said, you also are aware that you’ve got hard work ahead of you. THE GOOD NEWS: My training will change you starting from inside the out, offering sustainable results because I’ve taken 15 years to create this proven, fast, and effective athletic-based template. 


Phase One is the first 8 weeks of a successive 16 week, comprehensive and progressing training program. This program covers all aspects of your training, from strength and endurance to rest and recovery.

You'll find that I broke PHASE ONE programming into 2 parts. Zone 1 and Zone 2, each with very different stimuli, maximizing your body for change.

Custom video instruction for every workout is included in this programYou'll also find a Bonus FREE week of workouts, food/water/sleep recommendations, and space to journal your progress... All for just 1$/day! 


Through a focus of physical literacy and body awareness, higher volume for better muscle recruitment, and an elevated heart rate throughout for passive but constant fat burn, you’ll never go back to basic training. Promise ;) 

The underlying theme will be major confidence in the gym and in your skin! I don’t care what anyone says-- Life is a reps game and if you’re not taking reps (in the gym or in life!) it means you’ve stopped trying and therefore stopped living. Use these workouts to practice courage and learn more deeply about who you are and what you’re made of.

What comes through in all my programming is a chance to live even bigger outside the walls of any gym… There’s no time like right now to start building the life you want!


Excited to do this with you!

xx, Jen