WiderSTRONG: SHIFT 20 Day Program

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SHIFT was designed specifically to promote lean mass but also drive up your metabolism, keeping your skin close to your muscle bellies. This is built out with optimal work to rest ratio so anybody that’s new or advanced can excel in this program at an expedited rate… IF you are willing to push yourself and stay committed!

The program is for anyone looking for an accessible program that protects muscle mass but also promotes a healthy metabolism … aka higher fat burn! The movements are accessible so the workout can be for beginners but advanced workout goers will be able to push themselves and really feel a challenge and see change!

For this program, we are using dumbbells, a physio ball, cable pulley machine, mat, bench and bands. Please don’t stress if you don’t have a gym membership. Every exercise can be modified so that you can finish the program without ever leaving your house. (Although of course I don’t recommend that! You need that Vitamin D!) 

If you’re just getting back into a workout regime and feel intimidated by the program, DON’T. Every exercise can be modified to suit your current stage of development. If an exercise is too challenging (remember, a little challenge is a good thing), then decrease the reps. For each of the “Shred” workouts, I have programmed your workout based on intensity as a % of your max. Your 90% intensity will be different from another person’s 90%. As always, you'll do what's right for you based on your unique body, fitness level and goals!

Please note, this program is non-refundable, due to the nature of it being a digital product with significant value and the inability to actually 'return' a physical product. 



When you join my upcoming Carb Cycling Challenge on October 21st, you'll receive this 20 day Shift program completely FREE (It will be delivered to you via email on Day 1 of the challenge).