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The Next 30 Day Carb Cycling Challenge Will Kick Off December 29th!


Read on to learn all about how carb cycling works and what's included in the program.

What is Carb Cycling, Anyways?

Carb cycling is a nutritional approach where you vary carbohydrate intake on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It is commonly used in various forms to lose fat, build muscle, and/or maintain physical performance while dieting. During this process, a small deviation in your total caloric intake is also created, depending on your goals, which you’ll learn all about if you do the challenge ;) 

Every-body is different, therefore we all need different stimuli at times to push through plateaus. This 30 day challenge is all about teaching you how to properly utilize a carb cycling strategy, so that you can learn & either continue doing it consistently, or implement it strategically on your own whenever you want.


There is a long lasting & unfounded stigma that carbs are 'bad.' Like anything, yes - there are certain scenarios where this can be true, but in most all others this is false.

Carbs are great for increasing muscle growth and creating a more anabolic environment in our bodies. This helps sustain not only strength & fat burning muscle bellies, but overall health & longevity!

On the other hand, an inappropriate abundance via a volume of consumption too high for your energy needs, they’re conducive to fat storage by spiking insulin levels, which “feeds” our body fat with glucose for it to store.


Sounds pretty simple, Right?

Yes... And no. Unfortunately, many people don't see results from Carb Cycling because they don't do it right. It's more than just eating lots of carbs some days, and less carbs on other days...

There's a science behind creating a specific macro formula that will work for your unique body, fitness level & goals! 

So, Why join the challenge & not just try Carb Cycling on your own?!

There are many variations of this type of diet, and through years of research, training and coaching experience, I've put together a formula that works best across the board, for both men & women. Rather than just giving you some kind of generic 'high carb / low carb' split calendar, I'm actually going to be teaching you exactly how to make this style of eating work for your body and specific goals, AND, how to edit and customize it as your body & goals change over time! 


✅ ALL NEW & UPDATED Carb Cycling Guide!

✅ ALL NEW Challenge Prep Sheet - you'll get this right away upon purchase to make sure you have your questions answered and have all the info you need before day 1!

✅ UNLIMITED COACHING FROM ME!! You'll have unlimited access to me via email from the moment you sign up until the end of the challenge. I absolutely LOVE building relationships with you guys & helping you on a personal level.

✅ WEEKLY VIDEO MESSAGE FROM ME: Each week, I'll send everyone a check-in video answering all the questions I've received from the week before, as well as provide additional support and encouragement.

✅ Learn how to create your own carb cycling macros based on my unique formula.

✅ Learn how to make this style of eating work for you & your specific body & goals. Learn how to modify & scale it as your body & goals change over time to create sustainable, long-lasting results!

✅ Learn how to pair it with your gym or training routine to maximize your progress

✅ FREE BONUS TRAINING PROGRAM - when you join the challenge, you'll get my WiderSTRONG: SHIFT 20 day workout program completely free! ($30 value!! This will be given to you on day 1 of the challenge via email) 

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✅ RECIPES & MEAL GUIDE: Free week of High & Low carb meal examples with full recipes!

✅ SURPRISE GIVEAWAYS: I'll be giving away some of my favorite things to random participants throughout the challenge. 

✅ AWESOME PRIZES!! The top 5 winners will all receive $500 CA$H, as well as Laura's Lean meat & Super Coffee delivered right to their door!


I wanted to personally thank you for starting this challenge!

Prior to starting this challenge I was depressed and my anxiety was out of control. I have a now 16 month old son, I hadn’t quite lost all my baby weight from, then became pregnant again before I could lost the rest. Unfortunately, we miscarried with this baby that would have been due in July. I went in a downward spiral and completely lost who I was. I wasn’t eating and when I would I was eating horrible foods for me. I hated what I looked like and I hated who I had become, unhappy and sad most of the time.

I needed something that I could feel like I somewhat controlled and something that I could do for myself to help get myself back. This is exactly what I needed!! 

I believe God brought you and the challenge into my life right when I needed it. I feel so much better. I still have rough days, especially as the due date gets closer, but helping stay focused on my goals and being healthy for my family as really helped me be more positive in life. And of course losing 8 pounds is always a plus!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! This has meant more to me than I could ever explain and I’m so grateful to you for taking your time to create the program and be so encouraging. 


Thank you so much for this challenge. I had [previously] lost around 70lbs and gained a bunch back. I feel like has this helped get me on the right path again and become mindful of what I am eating. I feel like this is something I can keep up with and maintain. I lost around 10 lbs, so much less bloating, I feel stronger in the gym, and my clothes are fitting a little better! Overall, I feel amazing!


My muscle and strength increase has been noticeable. I appreciate the challenge and how you laid it out. Nutrition has always been the most difficult part for me. Getting to the gym and staying active has fortunately been consistent. When I saw this challenge I thought it was the missing piece and I'm going to stick with it. I'm grateful for your input the past 30 days and welcome any more! Thanks! 


As a coach, Jen has a unique ability to connect with people to understand their strengths and weaknesses, both physically and emotionally. I run a business where my doors are open 24 hours a day, so every hour is nonstop – but ultimately, it’s the choices that we make that define us, and she has never let me forget that.


I wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge. Although the scale doesn’t reflect a huge difference I see it in my shape and I feel it in my clothes. As a mom and military wife we often put everyone (military included) before ourselves. Your challenge has given me the opportunity to make myself a priority and realize that I can still be a good mom and wife, and support system while taking time to eat well and workout. You don’t have to choose. 
So thank you, from the bottom of my heart for sparking love within myself that has been dimmed for a little bit now. 


Want to see more transformations & success stories from past challengers?


We Start December 29th! 30 days is not a lot of time to commit to, but it is enough time to completely change your body and start 2020 off right!

This is your chance to have my help getting into the best shape of your life!